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In 2014, Beijing No.4 Middle School introduced their first iPAD class, abandoning the use of traditional teaching materials. This class would rely solely on the mobile based curriculum and platform provided by BOXFiSH. After half a semester, the average grade in the class increased by 30 points! Previous to using BOXFiSH, these students had practically given up on learning English as their scores were consistently low.

In 2012, BOXFiSH entered her first classroom at Beijing Resources Middle School. Three years later this school was the number one school in all of Beijing, with dramatically better test scores. From then until now, BOXFiSH has continued to expand and develop, being used today in over 10000 schools across China. BOXFISH is an English teaching brand developed in China, with distinct global influence. Why do so many teachers recommend and promote BOXFISH so strongly? You can get the answer from the videos below.

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The combination of online and offline teaching English education is embracing an unprecedented revolution in digital era

Soon after the 2016 High School Entrance Examination, Liu Tian, a student at Beijing Gaojiayuan High School, got full marks on her English Examination. An amazing result as she only got 32/100 on her first test. It was after her initial poor performance that her teacher recommended BOXFiSH, and from this point on her astonishing story began to unfold. “At first I was attracted by its novel way of learning!” said Liu Tian. “Within BOXFiSH are many types of courses which are interesting and engaging, not just rote learning. I can learn and play at the same time, while everyday acquiring new knowledge!” Liu Tian and her classmates have said that through BOXFiSH they have fallen in love with learning English, and this has helped them improve significantly.

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The Mobile Based Teaching Method of BOXFiSH English

Traditional methods of teaching are designed for students to absorb language through reading books, listening to teachers, and completing written exercises. BOXFiSH deviates from tradition and gives full play to using mobile technology. This creates a vivid and interactive learning environment where students learn through a combination of imagery, video, games and sound to absorb the language. They can practice their English language either on mobile based activities or in an interactive online classroom. Comparative research has shown that the BOXFiSH learning method is 8 times more efficient than the traditional one. This new method is not just a new experimental theory, rather it will change the way we teach English in almost every way.

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New Interactive Course based on the BOXFiSH Teaching Method

The BOXFiSH Course is a comprehensive curriculum starting from learning the alphabet and simple sentences, through to high school level and those preparing for TOEFL/IELTS examinations. BOXFiSH includes all of the traditional forms of learning English from listening and reading, to writing and speaking, but the format is far from traditional. Rather than textbooks with pages and pages of boring classes and exercises, the BOXFiSH Course consists of thousands of hours of fun and engaging, original content. The intuitive system will automatically match each student with classes and materials according to their level and course progress. The flexibility of the course, along with the vast range of classes and functions, also allows students and teachers to select what and when they want to study. This creates a truly personalized approach to teaching and learning, where each student can thrive as the data obtained through the platform establishes recommendations to help them improve as quickly and effectively as possible.

BOXFiSH is Establishing a New Norm in the Global Teaching Arena

Not only is BOXFiSH revolutionising the English Classroom, we are also shaping new norms in English Teaching. With our latest platform, BOXFiSH Tutor, we are assembling the best and brightest English tutors from around the world to teach on our online platform. This enables students to completely break the shackles of monotonous English Education by taking online tablet/smartphone based classes. The BOXFiSH APP, controlled by the teacher, uses the latest in mobile internet technology to create a fun and interactive experience, whilst also including practice exercises which can be completed during the class.

BOXFiSH Tutor offers much more than regular online video classes. With access to the best native English tutors from around the world, combined with the most innovative and advanced interactive English curriculum, the efficiency of learning is far beyond traditional training.

With no classroom and other associated costs, BOXFiSH can pass these savings straight on to our customers. For the same price as attending a large group based class, our students can enjoy a private 1-1 class with a professional teacher.

Our dream at BOXFiSH is to make high quality education accessible to everyone; to ensure every student can pass their college entrance examination; to create a world where everyone can communicate in a common language and command the language as close to a native as possible. Therefore, we are absolutely committed to providing the BOXFiSH curriculum for both students to use independently, and teachers to use in the classroom, completely free of charge. We also strive to lower the cost of education, because only then, will high quality education be universally available.